spay neuter clinic orlando flSpay neuter procedures are common and cost-effective.  At Forever Vets Animal Hospital Orlando FL, we are here to not only keep your pets’ healthy and happy but, to also prevent future health issues.  Our goal is to provide your pet with safe procedures at an affordable rate.

If you are unsure about an appropriate time to spay-neuter your pet based on physical condition, age, or breed, our veterinarian at Forever Vets spay-neuter clinic is available to help you in making this important decision.  407-641-1892


Spay Neuter Misconceptions:

There are misunderstandings in regards to cat or dog neutering which dissuade pet owners from taking this positive step.  At Forever Vets Animal Hospital, we want to ensure what cat or dog spaying does NOT do:

  • Make your pet lethargic and overweight
  • Affect your furry friend’s natural instincts to safeguard you or your home
  • Alter a pet’s basic personality.  Your furry friend will not feel out of sync with his or her identity.

What is Spaying?

spay neuter orlando flSpaying a dog or cat is to surgically remove the female’s reproductive organs which eliminates heat cycles.  The procedure also reduces undesirable behaviors leading to pet owner’s nuisances.

What is Neutering?

Neutering a cat or dog is surgically removing testicles in male pets which reduce the instinct of breeding and fighting.  Your pet will be more content in staying home and less likely to roam.

Our experienced veterinarian will first examine your pet thoroughly for medical conditions to ensure that he or she is in good health for the surgery. A pre-anesthetic blood work is performed to ensure the safety of the anesthesia.  A general anesthesia is then administered to put your pet in an unconscious state where they will not feel any pain. The reproductive organs are then surgically removed and your pet is sent home with pain medication and postoperative care instructions.  It is a straight-forward procedure that rarely results in complications.

Forever Vets Animal Hospital recommends that you have your pet neutered or spayed based on positive reasons that will benefit your pet and community:

  • Spayed or neutered pets live longer and healthier lives. It reduces the risk of diseases, including testicular cancer, mammary gland cancer, and uterine infections. Spaying a dog or cat is best performed before their first heat cycle while cat or dog neutering ideally can be performed before he or she turns six months of age.
  • Pets are less likely to get into fights, bite or experience behavioral problems when spayed or neutered. Female pets in heat are jittery, urinate all over the house and have howling episodes. Altering them at our spay-neuter clinic will eliminate such undesirable behaviors.
  • Spaying or neutering controls overpopulation. There are many unwanted animals at animal shelters waiting to be adopted. Approximately half of them will find homes while others will be euthanized. It’s in everyone’s best interests to have fewer pets that are loved and cared for as opposed to those we cannot care for.
  • It’s not dishonorable to take this path; if anything you’ll be doing your pets and community justice.  Finding homes for every member of the litter is uncertain and unviable. There is no guarantee that the puppies or kittens you give away will be treated well, and there’s a risk that they may end up at an animal shelter.

The long-term benefits to spay-neuter your furry friend outweigh the negative impact.
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